Our Ranchers

In the year of 1916, a man and a woman made their home in the foothills of the Bears Paw Mountains. After many years, only a few of eleven children remained near. Like many families of that day, these young Manuel’s made their own way in the big sky country. Through dusty toil and pastures filled with nothing but grass and wind.

We owe much of what we have to the grit and sheer determination 
of our first and second generation.

New opportunities arose with a new generation. Reverting back to organic farming and ranching through USDA certifications, opting out of feed lots, implementing cover crops and rotational grazing- these are just some of the practices which have been implemented by our third generation.

Meanwhile, in a world that is evolving rapidly, six children have grown up watching these things in action. The trial and error, the success and failure, the old and the new. Our fourth generation is diverse in talent, but similar in aspiration. 

Aspirations to grow Prairie Grass Ranch in ways not thought of before. This generation has ideas to expand, to manage, and promote the ranch and in turn nurture our community. 

Prairie Grazed Meats, a means of distribution of our amazing beef and pork, is one of many efforts from our list of possibilities.

Our first generation: 
Tom and Cora Manuel

Our second generation:
Charles and Ann (Hansen) Manuel

Our third Generation: 
Jody and Crystal (Cowell) Manuel

Our fourth generation:
Tristan and Talya (Johnson) Manuel, Sarah Manuel , Sawyer Manuel, Taliya Manuel, Teague Manuel, Shayna Manuel